A Belleek Candlestick

This candlestick holder displays a scallop shell, a coral and a fossil crinoid, Eucalyptocrinites

enlarged view

This piece of porcelain, made in Ulster (Ireland) about 1860, is unusual in having the part that holds the candle in the form of a crinoid crown. The crown is that of Eucalyptocrinites decorus  Phillips in Sedgwick, 1839. The cup plates and arms are clearly visible. The type of the species was from the Wenlock Limestone at Dudley, England and was described and illustrated by Phillips in Sedgwick's Silurian System. The fossil was described and illustrated again in 1859.
    The wife of one of the founders of the Belleek porcelain factory, Mrs. Armstrong, was a respected naturalist who influenced the use of accurate imates of plants and animals in the design of various porcelain patterns.